New Features

This module has 7 sections -

  1. Admission Enquiry
  2. Visitor Book
  3. Phone call Log
  4. Postal Dispatch
  5. Postal Receive
  6. Complain
  7. Setup Front Office

First we will Setup Front Office then we will manage student Admission Enquiry, daily Visitors Book, Phone Calls, Postal and Complain.

This module has 3 sections -

  1. Add Income
  2. Search Income
  3. Income Head

First we will create our Income Head then we will Add our daily/monthly Incomes then we will Search our Income.

This module has 4 sections -

  1. Exam List
  2. Exam Schedule
  3. Marks Register
  4. Marks Grade

First we will prepare Marks Grade then create exam in Exam List then enter Exam Schedule then enter marks in Marks Register. Note that there is no need to prepare Marks Grade if your institution is not following Grading System in exams. Just leave Marks Grade & don't make any entry in it.

This module has 4 sections -

  1. Notice Board
  2. Send Message
  3. Send Email / SMS
  4. Email / SMS Log

We will send messages through Notice Board or Email / SMS and then sent messages can be check at Notice Board or Email / SMS Log

This module has 6 sections -

  1. Add Book
  2. Book list
  3. Issue Return
  4. Add Student
  5. Add Staff Member

First we will Add Books in library then view & search books in Book List.

This module has 4 sections -

  1. Student Certificate
  2. Generate Certificate
  3. Student ID Card
  4. Generate ID Card

First we will design student certificate or id card then we will generate/print them. If you will properly configure background, height, width etc. settings then you can design professional quality certificate or id cards very easily.

This module has 15 sections -

  1. Student Report
  2. Guardian Report
  3. Student History
  4. Student Login Credential
  5. Fees Statement
  6. Balance Fees Report
  7. Transaction Report
  8. Attendance Report
  9. Exam Marks Report
  10. Payroll Report
  11. Staff Attendance Report
  12. Homework Report
  13. Student Transport Report
  14. Student Hostel Report
  15. User Log

All the reports of other different modules are also present under this Report module.

This module has 9 sections -

  1. Student Details
  2. Student Admission
  3. Student Report
  4. Guardian Report
  5. Student History
  6. Student Login Credential
  7. Student Categories
  8. Student House
  9. Disabled Students

First we will add Student CategoriesSchool House then take Student Admission then search Students Details

This module has 3 sections -

  1. Add Expense
  2. Search Expense
  3. Expense Head

First we will create our Expense Head then we will Add our daily/monthly Expenses then we will Search our Expense.

This module has 7 sections -

  1. Class Timetable
  2. Assign Class Teacher
  3. Assign Subjects
  4. Subjects
  5. Class
  6. Sections
  7. Promote Students

We have already described few section of Academics Module during Steps to Setup your school, but now we will understand completely Academics module sections. First we will create Sections then Classes then Assign Class Teacher on class-sections then create Subjects then Assign Subjects & Teachers to Class-Section then Create Class Timetable.

This module has 5 sections -

  1. Upload Content
  2. Assignments
  3. Study Material
  4. Syllabus
  5. Other Downloads

In Download Center we will upload all content from Upload Content section under four content types AssignmentsStudy MaterialSyllabusOther Download & rest of four sections are used for viewing uploaded content under these content types.

This module has 6 sections -

  1. Issue Item
  2. Add Item Stock
  3. Add Item
  4. Item Category
  5. Item Store
  6. Item Supplier

First we will create our Item Category then Item Store then Item Supplier then we will add Item then Item Stock then we will Issue Items to any staff members.

Login to Student Panel through URL http://yourdomain/site/userlogin. Student Panel has 11 sections -

  1. My Profile
  2. Fees
  3. Class Timetable
  4. Homework
  5. Download Center
  6. Attendance
  7. Examinations
  8. Notice Board
  9. Subjects
  10. Teachers
  11. Library Books
  12. Transport Routes
  13. Hostel Rooms

This module has 10 sections -

  1. Collect Fees
  2. Fees Master
  3. Fees Group
  4. Fees Type
  5. Fees Discount
  6. Search Fees Payment
  7. Search Due Fees
  8. Fees Statement
  9. Balance Fees Report
  10. Fees Carry Forward


First we will prepare our Fees Structure for Current Session by configuring Fees TypeFees Group and Fees Master then we will Collect Fees of students then we will understand and review various fees reports by using Search Fees PaymentSearch Due FeesFees Statement and Balance Fees Report

This module has 3 sections -

  1. Student Attendance
  2. Attendance By Date
  3. Attendance Report

First we will enter Student Attendance then we will search student attendance for a particular date or we can get whole month students Attendance Report.

This module has 11 sections -

  1. Staff Directory
  2. Staff Attendance
  3. Staff Attendance Report
  4. Payroll
  5. Payroll Report
  6. Approve Leave Request
  7. Apply Leave
  8. Leave Type
  9. Department
  10. Designation
  11. Disabled Staff

In Human Resource we will manage all activities of school staff (not student or parent or guardian) from Principal to Owner to Peon or any School member even he/she using or not using Smart School application. First we will add Department, Designation, Leave Types then we will add Staff Member from Staff Directory then we will manage day by day Staff Attendance then manage Payroll/Salary of staff then Apply or Approve Leave Request.

This module has 2 sections -

  1. Add Homework
  2. Evaluation Report

Here Teachers can create Homework for their Class-Section. After creating homework teachers can evaluate homework for class-section students that who has completed homework or not completed. First we will Add Homework then we will evaluate homework.

This module has 3 sections -

  1. Routes
  2. Vehicles
  3. Assign Vehicle
  4. Student Transport Report

First we will add Routes then add Vehicles then Assign Vehicle on Routes then check Student Transport Report.

This module has 12 sections -

  1. General Setting
  2. Session Setting
  3. Notification Setting
  4. SMS Setting
  5. Email Setting
  6. Payment Methods
  7. Front CMS Setting
  8. Roles Permissions
  9. Backup / Restore
  10. Languages
  11. Users
  12. Modules

All 12 sections of this module are mutually interdependent but need to configure to run whole system properly.


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